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New design CPU Juegos Populares

Mise en ligne le Sam 20 Jan 2018 - 19:57
  • icon Prix Prix : 169 €
  • icon Pays Pays : España
  • icon Ville Ville : València 46001

Description :

Hello everybody:

This is may own design, and I manufacture this new CPU for Juegos Populares spanish pinball. I do not know if there are many or some of this spanish pinballs outside of Spain, but if somebody has a Juegos Populares pinball and need replace old or damaged CPU, may interest my CPU design.

This new CPU replace battery and RAM, by one NVRAM, so do not install battery and will not need replace anymore the battery, and never more problems with battery acid that is the main problem when a CPU get damaged.

Also my CPU replace original ROM with a new 1Mega ROM than include inside ALL the games, so do not need burn Rom for each game, simply select game with 4 jumpers in board. And my CPU add a huge 12cm fan and heat dissipator for the audio chip, also a new chip TDA2009 that replace the old TDA2002.

This CPU is compatible with following Juegos Populares pinball games:

America 1492
Halley Comet

Im also developing new CPUs for Playmatic and Recel System III pinball, hope soon will be also available. I know there are many Playmatic outside of Spain and seem also about Recel System III.

Price for this CPU is 169 euros + freight cost.

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